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introductory essay helen whitson

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We are also planning on addressing some of the larger issues with contextualizing the benefit of using comics as a research medium in a textual introduction we will be writing for the issue.

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Please send us your plan and thoughts about specific edits by mid-February. We will then send those to the editors at DHQ and go from there. After receiving a response from them, we will work on finalizing a deadline for final revisions. Please also let us know if you have any concerns at this point with the process. While each author took a different approach driven by their choice of medium and personal methods, Jason Helms's process is exemplary of the type of iterative work that this mode of scholarship requires.

By diving into his process, we get a better sense of the invisible labor that isn't conveyed in a finalized comic. For Jason's article, the reviewers had three concerns. Jason responded to each concern. Regarding feasibility, he assured the editors he had budgeted time for this work and pointed to past experience he had with similar scholarship. For the second concern, he added a short section connecting his arguments about comics to the field of digital humanities.

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Finally, he added a great deal of signposting to make his own scholarly interventions more visible. Having revised the script and storyboard, Jason began to create the finished project. Reflecting on the experience of making the sample page , Jason streamlined his workflow to keep things simple and consistent. His workflow can be boiled down to five steps: sketch, draw, scan, add interactivity, and package for web. Working typically on one page at a time, Jason created a sketch of the page to play with placement of various objects and explore layout.

Next he carefully drew the page with a pencil and inked over the pencil lines to clarify and differentiate line weights, erasing the pencil marks afterwards. Jason scanned the resulting drawing and optimized it in Adobe Illustrator. Then he placed the optimized file into Adobe Edge Animate and added interactivity. Finally, Jason packaged the animation file into a website using Adobe Muse.

This sketch comprises two frames of the larger single-panel narrative that attempts to articulate Deleuze's idea of the concept using Scott McCloud as an example. Various examples of concepts from McCloud populate the background while McCloud is shown in the foreground constructing his concept of closure by drawing a two-panel strip.

The view will move from being zoomed in on McCloud to zooming out to take in the entire sketch. Each view will have different text boxes that will be added in the interactivity section. With the sketch, Jason allowed himself a good bit of freedom, playing with layout, size, position, etc. Nonetheless, he tried to denote things like line weight and gestures. Notice, for example, the relatively rich detail of the pitcher which Jason thought would contrast nicely with the undetailed elements in the background.

For this polished drawing, Jason second-guessed himself and altered the layout fairly drastically. This was fairly common for him: the sketch is a chance to get rid of bad ideas.

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Jason realized he needed to leave some space for the text boxes that would appear in the final version, so he moved the triangle from the right side to the left. Jason also realized it would look cleaner if McCloud was drawing the panel border rather than the image itself. After drawing it in pencil, Jason went back over each of the lines with ink of various weights compare McCloud's outline with the pattern on his shirt, for example. This began to give the drawing some life and depth.

Jason then erased all of the pencil marks and then inked again to fix any gaps that had been missed. Jason scanned the drawing as a high quality image ppi and then brought it into Adobe Illustrator to optimize. He ran a live trace on the image and played with the settings until the lines looked clean, erasing any errant artifacts a few smudges had gotten through the live trace. If the image was going to be in color, Jason would have then imported it into Adobe Photoshop and painted it using a Wacom Tablet and various brush tools this particular page did not require painting.

The final image was then exported in a web-friendly format. This particular image was difficult because it changes size on the screen and needed to be able to be zoomed in on for greater detail. Because it needed to work at multiple levels of magnification, it was vital that the line weights created in the pencil and ink phase not get lost in the scanning phase. Jason brought the web-friendly file into Adobe Edge Animate and added interactivity: text boxes and the ability to zoom in and out using forward and backward arrows.

Here you can see that this image was one of four that were included on this page--the other three being a painting by Rene Magritte, the "Chaos" image from the "Deleuze Plane" page, and a framing image of an art gallery with an exit door that brings readers to the conclusion page. In addition, the "Chaos" image and exit door would link to other pages.

All of these images were places in relation to each other in the project panel center. The elements panel on the right shows all of the elements used for this one interactive page, including text, shapes, and images. Some of the elements include interactivity, where javascript could be added. For example, the right arrow element moves the animation forward when clicked, zooming in, while the left moves it backward to zoom out. The timeline at the bottom shows when various effects happen for different elements.