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The Fourteenth Amendment Protects the Right to Same-Sex Marriage

Skip to main content. Copy URL. Abstract This essay was prepared for use in a debate in November, , regarding whether gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry under the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Free Essay: On a date that will be remembered forever as a step forward for our nation, July 28, , the Fourteenth Amendment became part of the U.S. Free Essays from Bartleby | Republican of Ohio had long been a believer in the idea of equal protection of the laws for all people, and was one of the.

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Law Day Essay Winners Prove Power Of 14th Amendment

Read More on This Topic. After the American Civil War, three new constitutional amendments were adopted: the Thirteenth , which abolished slavery; the Fourteenth….

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. After the American Civil War, three new constitutional amendments were adopted: the Thirteenth , which abolished slavery; the Fourteenth , which granted citizenship to former slaves; and the Fifteenth , which guaranteed former male slaves the right to vote. That ruling thereby legalized the practice of same-sex marriage throughout the country.

The Fourteenth Amendment and equal protection - US government and civics - Khan Academy

History at your fingertips. Substantive Due process asks whether or not the government has a good reason for overstepping on a citizen's right.

Substantive due process is concerned when a law limits the liberty of all people, which is different from the Equal Protection Clause which concerns the rights of an individual is taken away or is treated differently from a group or class. The Equal Protection Clause is the clause in the 14th Amendment that protects the civil liberties of citizens. It assures that no matter what race you are, so long as you're a U. We needed this clause because it helped clarify what exactly a U.

This clause was added to the 14th Amendment to protect citizens on the state level.

This means that a state must treat an individual in the same way as others in similar circumstances. I feel that the Equal Protection Clause is particularly important to me because it protects the rights of every individual U. It ensures that we are all treated equally no matter what race we are under the U.

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As a Chamoru,I take comfort in knowing that my rights as a U. S citizen are protected. I take great pride in being Chamoru and although we are considered a minority race, it is reassuring to know that I will not be discriminated against by the color of my skin.

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