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I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil.

In , the California Supreme Court upheld his death sentence and rejected the defense's contention that numerous errors were made in his trial in Los Angeles Superior Court. The U. Supreme Court refused the following year to review the case against him.

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What was it like during that time? Nearby Places. Back to the Beverly Hills Patch. Read more local news from Beverly Hills. Find out what's happening in Beverly Hills with free, real-time updates from Patch. He has already outlived some of the victims that survived his attacks. In Ramirez was captured by an angry mob of citizens.

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Ramirez was born in to his Mexican immigrant parents Julian and Mercedes Ramirez. He was the youngest out of his five siblings of 3 boys and 2 girls. He grew up in El Paso, Texas, where he had a relatively normal childhood to start off with.

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Even though Ramirez seemed to be on a down hill spiral, his father always maintained that Ramirez was a "good boy". At the age of 12 he started to spend a lot of time with his cousin Mike, a Vietnam veteran, his cousin would show him pictures of women he had raped and tortured during his time in Vietnam.

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Mike would sometime take Ramirez out to the desert at night to show him how to sneak up on animals and kill them. Ramirez was taught how to use a knife and where the vital spots were on the animals. Some believe that the turning point in Using the qualitative method and content analysis, the findings reveal that the law enforcement procedures were minimal because of the technology available during that time and the prosecution was sufficient because of the criminal justice system.

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Uh the stillness of the room, the eeriness, you know. Being the youngest child of seven the abuse pushed Richard away, he did not want to be around his family. He refused to testify in his own defense and his attorneys had to work hard to make the jury believe that it was someone else who murdered all the victims. Overall, this essay will cover how the public is trying to decrease crime rates. It sole purpose is to help divert juveniles from entering the system, placing them outside of detention centers that could pose to be possibly more harm than good. One such man is Richard Ramirez, age twenty four, or The Night Stalker- or Nightstalker as some reported- who went on a spree of murders that last well into two years in southern California. Lillian survived the attack, but Bill died of his injuries in the hospital.

Literature Review For instance, Vetter studied the association of the intensity of the violence within the crime, with the reactions and assessment that humans provide for the motive of the crime. He states that it does not connect with mental illness.

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He was introduced to satanic worship and drugs at an early age. After moving to Southern California he supported himself by breaking in to homes.

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Soon after the robbing of homes he began to kill and sometimes even rape many of people. Over the course of his rigorous murders and long trial he was sentenced to life in prison.

When Mike returned home he shared many gruesome pictures of rape and human torture with Richard who was only twelve years old at this time Montaldo, Richard Ramirez - the Night Stalker. Seeing these pictures would be horrific for any child and would scare them in several different ways. While sharing the pictures the two would often smoke marijuana and talk about the different phases of war Montaldo, Richard Ramirez - the Night Stalker.

While smoking any kind of drug and talking about Ricardo " Richard " Munoz Ramirez born February 28, is a convicted serial killer and is awaiting execution on California's death row. Before his capture, Ramirez was dubbed the " Night Stalker " by the mass media. On June 28, , year-old Jennie Vincow was found dead in her apartment.

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She had been stabbed repeatedly, and her throat was slashed so severely she was almost decapitated. On February 21, , Sisters Christina and Mary Caldwell, aged 58 and 71, were found dead in their home. They each were stabbed dozens of times. On March 17, , Ramirez attacked year-old Angela Barrios outside her home. He shot her before entering her house. Inside was Dayle Okazaki, age 34, who Ramirez immediately shot and killed. Within an hour of killing Okazaki, Ramirez again attacked year-old Tsai-Lian Yu, he pulled her out of her car onto the road.

He shot her several times and fled. The two attacks occurring on the same day sparked media attention, and caused panic and fear among the public. Richard Miller has a lot to say in The Dark Night Of The Soul but one thing that really stuck out to me was that there is only so much we can do to try and control the behavior of students.

It can have just as much of an effect on someone today as technology can.