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Old English texts were written in a period when the English civilization was in the progress of converting to Christianity from their previous Pagan beliefs. Hence poetry such as Beowulf contains a blend of elements from Christianity and the Pagan culture. In the transcription of Beowulf, the narrator incorporates Christian connotations in a story that is manifested from a pagan-centric period.

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Today, the third generation of the Agarwal family has also entered the business and is living up to the legacy that began in Bihar in Our business is all about adding sweetness to your special occasions to make them even more memorable. In the transcription of Beowulf, the narrator incorporates Christian connotations in a story that is manifested from a pagan-centric period. Thematically and stylistically Beowulf expresses the standards and ethics of pagan beliefs with a combination of biblical influences which are prominent all through the poem.

Navigation menu ✅. The Voyage of a King In the poem Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney, the reputation a king receives is based upon his. Beowulf Grendel Synthesis essay. WordsMar 12, Pages. Pretending Not To Care Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “What does nihilism mean?.

Several actions of the characters and incidents in the poem illustrate the ideals of Germanic heroic folktales and legends. The ethical code demonstrated by the characters is a manifestation of the pagan concepts of fate wyrd , vengeance to adversaries, and loyalty to kinfolk. Nonetheless, the poem is imbued with Christian ideals converting the supernatural elements from the mythical account of heroism and bleak fatality into an allegory of faith.

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In the poem, Beowulf is presented as a virtuous champion and symbol of righteousness against the tribulations of darkness and malevolent forces. Similarly, he is also demonstrated as the pagan valiant ideal of a legendary and heroic warrior.

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Throughout the poem, the epic tale blends the pagan ideals of vengeance, feuds, fate, and pride with Christian elements and the will of God. Christian elements are illustrated in Beowulf through biblical allegories and references of God, creation, hades, and heaven.

Moreover, Beowulf defeating Grendel in the battle and returning with the weapon and the head as a token is a reference to the encounter of David against Goliath. King Hrothgar is portrayed in several situations recognizing the will of God and offering his acknowledgment of the Christian faith.

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The poem entails constructs both of a capricious entity or force whose interactions with men are not linked to their worthiness, and of a munificent Christian divinity that bestows guidance and grace to the earnest Tietjen The concept of the Christian God is that man has free will and His favor governs his future and not fate. On the other hand, Beowulf further illustrates the pacific co-existence of both concepts through Hrothgar forewarnings to the hero about the drawbacks of pride by explaining the roles of fate and God Tietjen The interweaving of both values in the poem results in the narrative possessing a mixture of both pagan and Christian elements.