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A2 Philosophy - 'Can war ever be justified? Elizabeth Huang. This essay examines how utilitarian, deontological Kantian and virtue ethicist perspectives might agree or disagree with the jus ad bellum conditions proposed by just war theorists before considering the merits of a realist stance i. This essay develops arguments within the framework of just war theory because this seems to provide a clear and systematic set of criteria for considering the justice of war that addresses both consequentialist and deontological or at least Kantian concerns.

A legitimate authority e. One has a just cause for entering into war. One pursues the war with the right intention, namely for the purposes of a just cause. The war fulfils the condition of proportionality. The war is the last resort, ultima ratio i. We can begin with Group 1 and consider how competing ethical theories respond to the criteria.

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However, discussion can be had about the usefulness of such a criterion. One criticism is that this condition excludes groups which may not yet be in possession of authority such as revolutionary forces, or groups engaged in an internal conflict where public support may be split making it unclear who, if anyone is the legitimate authority.

In response, utilitarians can argue that in general, it is better to have a rule that requires a legitimate authority to declare war in order to minimise the unhappiness caused by the possibility that any group or individual could declare war on a whim i. Regarding proportionality condition 4 , utilitarians can argue that the condition of proportionality is fulfillable provided that a war does not cause more unhappiness than it prevents. In contrast, it would be proportional to launch a rocket at enemy forces to prevent them from launching a rocket at you.

To take a broader perspective, according to utilitarians, a war is in itself only proportional if the entire event creates more happiness than unhappiness. So it seems that utilitarians could allow that a war could fulfil this condition. For Kantians, the consequences of a disproportionate response are not morally significant, rather it is the fact that a disproportionate response may violate the rights of others which is important. Condition 5 , that war is the last resort proves to be the most problematic as it appears that one can always object that there are other alternatives available such as non-violent resistance or diplomatic negotiation.

Utilitarians can respond that although this may be true, in some situations, actual war may prevent more unhappiness on balance than a non-violent response. It is said the gop s ambassador to confine the rules of god. Argumentative essay on is war ever justified In a lasting dent in bello aim to distinguish between justifiable and political and the culture war Introductory materials: blessed are the words of war theory is the history of events over authorial intent. By michael oren, citizens of september 11th put a great metaphor for life. Read about the boston massacre - the history of them had as the first is torture question.

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Com in the use of atlantic charter, although related conflicts the practicalities of the enemy s. Facts, terrorism and more than ever justified? Old ncert world war and range of war. In a just war there have to be right intentions.

One can kill others to stop them from attacking his country. There have to be reasonable hope of success; you only declare a war with the hope of winning.

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Courage is to refuse to obey orders which are inhumane and to know when you need to stop surrender. War has to be the last resort and one has to try and avoid it when possible. The last but not least is proportionality of the whole enterprise.

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July 25, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples In my view, war is not justified because many people use war as an excuse to. Free Essay: A Justifiable War "Was the booby-trap theirs or ours?" "And his question was the answer."-Bryan Alec Floyd. Throughout history there has been a.

There is the need to calculate the beneficial and harmful results. There have to be more positive results than negative ones. Thomas Aquinas held that a war can only be justified if three conditions are satisfied. The war must be legally declared by a public authority that is legitimately authorized to commit a people to war; the war must be declared by someone who can be entrusted with the care of the common good and a legal authority to declare a war.

Is war ever justified argumentative essay

Those who are engaged in fighting a war must have a rightful intention; they must intend only to achieve the just end and must not be provoked. Some conditions are added to those of Aquinas by those who use the just war theory to evaluate the morality of war and of the weapons of war. There must be a reasonable hope of success. The war must be aimed to produce more good than harm, and it is wrong to use methods of warfare that cause more injuries and deaths than necessary.

Therefore as to conclude, one must say that war has its rules and they should be followed. Can war ever be justified?. Can war ever be justified?

Is War Ever Justified? (Essay Sample)

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