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The alignment of these two portals take the pilgrim on a whole other journey where they follow the events of the Apocalypse and the Last Judgement, seeing the judgement and after effects. The Leon and Burgos Cathedrals, as said before, are Gothic cathedrals, but they are similar in more ways than just their architecture, in relation to their portals. What is also similar between the two is the general layout of the tympanum. Both tympanums have three registers, with the bottom one being a lintel. Next to Christ in the Leon tympanum are angelic figures, with two kneeling figures on either side of them.

Burgos, on the other hand, is surrounded by four winged figures, three of which are animals. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St.

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Matthew is usually represented by an angel or winged man, St. Mark is a lion, St. Luke is a bull or ox, and St. John is an eagle.

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These are the authors themselves, [24] working away at their Gospel books. There are a couple key differences between this portal and the others. The first difference is that the portal has no doors. Because the portal is not directly adjacent to the outside elements, it has no need for doors. It still contains all other portal pieces, like a trumeau and jambs, but just no doors.

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The other key difference between this internal portal and the others is that what could have been a voussoir becomes an edge on a groin vault above the portal. While the groin vault is considered Gothic masonry, it uses the Romanesque rounded arches to form its shape and allows the thrust of the ceiling and roof of a church to be directed downward but angled outward, as well.

As seen in both Santiago de Compostela and Burgos, apocalyptic portal scenes do not show souls being tortured or judged, but rather holy figures of the Christian faith that pilgrims may look to for help. Leon and St. Lazare, on the other hand, give visual comparisons between heaven and hell, good and evil, making their title, the Last Judgement, appropriate for what is being depicted.

Pilgrims traveling the routes to Santiago de Compostela would see these kinds of portals and reflect on the Apocalypse and their own final judgement. They were meant to be a reminder of why these pilgrims were on their individual journeys.

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Free Essay: Christians' Pilgrimages to Lourdes I am going to describe what a pilgrim would do if they went to Lourdes. I will explain why Lourdes is a. Free Essay: Pilgrimage A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place. The holy places that Christians choose to visit on pilgrimage can include; where a saint.

The Medieval period marks a time of large Christian development. Just as our whole lives are a journey through time, with the goal of that journey being to reach safely the presence of Christ Himself, so too a pilgrimage is a journey made by a person of faith to a site which holds some deep spiritual significance.

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When Pope Francis called the whole Church to observe the Jubilee Year of Mercy which is now underway, he explained why making a pilgrimage is especially appropriate for this Year. He wrote:.

Our diocesan family of faith will have the opportunity to make such a pilgrimage on Saturday, November 5th. You need to refer to the growth of the package holiday as a key development and explain its current position within the sector.

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With use of industry examples explain the structure of the. Falling travel costs have also made heritage tourism possible for more people. Another possible form involves religious travel or pilgrimages. Large numbers of Jews have both visited Israel and emigrated there. Many have also gone to Holocaust sites and memorials. Islam commands its followers to take the hajj to Mecca, thus differentiating.

Christians' Pilgrimages to Lourdes I am going to describe what a pilgrim would do if they went to Lourdes. I will explain why Lourdes is a Christian place of pilgrimage. Then I will explain the reasons why some Christians choose to make a pilgrimage and the ways in which they may be affected. I will offer reasons for and against this point of view.

Then I will make an evaluation and include my opinion. I am interested to find out what pilgrims …show more content….

They started believing her when she told them the vision spoke to her and said "I am the Immaculate Conception. The vision told Bernadette to build a church here knowing that Lourdes would soon become a place of pilgrimage. The vision also knew it would bring a great impact when meditating there because Christians may feel as an important church like they do the Church of England.

The last thing the vision probably told Bernadette was to push away a rock where a small puddle lay and suddenly a spring formed.