Clouded leopard term paper

Understanding clouded leopards and their habitats

In my final week, both cubs were tremendously active, and the keepers did not feed them for the first time in all my visits. They look in my direction, and Suksn wanders towards the viewing window. She follows my movements, and when I crouch to take a picture, she keeps her eyes on me. They keep leaping at it, chewing on the leaves, and rolling on the floor.

Chan-sung grabs onto the leafy end, and Suksn nips at the branch.

Clouded leopard

A keeper entertains Suksn with the tiger plush. The cubs both run around, trying to get the branch.

Suksn performs a few jumps in order to reach it. Chan-sung bites the leaves, and Suksn climbs onto his belly. She nibbles on his tail. Then both cubs wrestle by the stumps. Chan-sung follows. While Suksn plays with a plush elephant, Chan-sung climbs onto a stump and licks his paw. When the last keeper tries to slip through, the cubs gang up on her. After that, they resume play. Chan-sung leaps towards Suksn, and she leaps over him. Thompson, Claire.

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Like all cats, the clouded leopard is a part of the order of Carnivora. In other words, carnivores. The felidae are specialized hunters that often rely on prey they killed themselves, often capable of taking on prey as large as themselves. Natural populations exist everywhere except Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, and Antarctica, although domestic and feral populations exist alongside humans in these areas.

Distinct physical traits include retractable claws, a short rostrum have five toes on their forefeet and four on their hind feet, and are digitigrades. They tend to stalk their prey before rushing at it, and they aim for the neck. So, what about genus and species?

Well, there are actually two kinds of clouded leopard!


At one point, neofelis diardi was thought to be a subspecies of neofelis nebulosa, but recent scientific evidence suggests that they are actually separate species. These morphological differences include longer upper canines among the diardi species, a greater reliance on masseter muscles in the jaw, and a taller skull Christiansen. Shared characteristics include stout legs and massive paws, large black ovals on the limbs and underbelly, two black bars on the back of the neck, large canines in proportion to their skulls, and an excellent skill in climbing.

Their canines are also smaller by comparison. General characteristics: Clouded leopards are medium sized cats, weighing at around fifty pounds for males and thirty-five points for females. They tend to be about 10 — 16 inches tall and four to six feet long, with about half of that length coming from the tail. They have short and stout legs, sharp claws, large paws with pads that conform to the shape of branches, and flexible ankle joints in their hind feet that allow their feet to rotate backwards.

They have the largest canines of any cat with the diardi species having even larger canines , and they can open their mouths at about degrees.

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Rouse, Andy. NHPA Limited. Sounds: Clouded leopards make a number of feline sounds such as mewing, growling, hissing and spitting. Habitat: Clouded leopards tend to live in lowland rainforests and occasionally dry woodlands and forests. They may live at high elevations, such as feet in the Himalayan Mountains. Behavior: Little is known about their behavior in the wild.

A scene from the "The Rugrats Go Wild", the only animated film with a clouded leopard. In this movie, a female clouded leopard by the name of Siri plays the role of minor antagonist, threatening to eat the babies. In many animated films, big cats of all kinds are depicted as villains. Unlike most of the animals, which are portrayed with human expressions and the ability to talk, Sabor is voiceless, depicted as a bloodthirsty monster and nothing more. She is later killed by the lead character, earning respect in the jungle. In this film, a snow leopard by the name of Tai Lung takes the role of main antagonist.

At one point, he was a skilled martial arts prodigy, longing to become the great Dragon Warrior. However, his pride and the darkness in his heart prevented him from attaining such a title. In his rage, he laid waste to the Valley of Peace, resulting in his imprisonment for twenty years. He is fierce, powerful, and extremely cunning, but also completely self absorbed and twisted by his hubris.

Tai Lung plays the part of a villain, but he's depicted as a bit more human in both behavior and appearance. In the legend, the clouded leopard not only acts as a divine creature that leads them to a beautiful home, but as a skilled hunter, who provides the people with plentiful food.

Thus, the people honor the clouded leopard, refusing to hunt it or wear its fur, teeth, or claws The Head Louse Clan of the Clouded Leopard. I noticed a generally positive portrayal of leopards in the other myths I read as well!

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For example, the fable How the Leopard Got His Claws depicts the leopard as a kind and noble king, who only becomes violent when his fellow animals betray him and choose the dog as their new king Achebe. Probably the most relevant representation of these cats in modern culture, however, is that of an endangered species in need of conservation.

For example, the Point Defiance Zoo website expresses current issues facing the clouded leopard, such as poaching and habitat degradation. It emphasizes the protection of this animal and its habitat and the enforcement of wildlife protection laws. The Clouded Leopard Project website shares this belief, providing information on the clouded leopard, while encouraging visitors to make a difference by spreading the word about these animals, avoiding palm oil products, and making donations to breeding and other conservation projects.

In this class, we were instructed to come up with a series of character designs and model sheets based on observational drawings and the design principles of Disney and cartoon modern. Later on, we took what we learned from our designing and created two animations and a few zoetropes. Before I show off those flashy videos and gifs, though, here are some samples of the designs I created.

Some of the gesture drawings I did while watching the cubs during week 3. I wound up going way overboard and creating at least twenty pages of these sketches. It wound up being a little more detailed than recommended, so I streamlined it during the animation process. After that, we were instructed to create a few designs in the Disney or traditional character animation style. Here is the design I created a sheet for. Unfortunately, it was a bit too ambitious for me to animate. Facial shots and a general structure can be found in the gallery at the bottom.

Both of my experimental pages can be found in the gallery, but I wound up choosing a simplified version of my villain, creating a simple zoetrope animation.

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Here is a gif of this character in motion. We were instructed to create two different animation assignments.

One drawn by hand, one created with paper cut-outs. One was required to represent the pure animal, the other either a traditional cartoon, cartoon modern, or our own unique style. The clip you see above is my drawn piece, done in a simple traditional style. It features a cub waking up from a nap and pouncing on a ball. It took about fifty-three drawings to create, with several loops to make my job easier.

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It features an adult waking up from a nap, looking around, walking forward, pouncing, climbing up and down the screen, and eventually falling back asleep. It was a bit more challenging to create, simply because I needed to move each joint carefully to get the right motion across. And with a flimsy little puppet, that meant double checking to make sure the pieces were all set up properly.


View Clouded Leopard Research Papers on for free. Nov 1, The Sunda Clouded Leopard is a little known, medium-sized cat with The research paper concluded that improved logging practices and.

Luckily, I think it turned out okay. We wrote a number of pieces for this class, ranging from ekphrastic writing to essayistic pieces. They have the largest canines of any cat.