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Villages only provide seasonal employment and mostly people there are not gainfully employed. Worry no more! Thus, life in villages and in cities presents two contrasting pictures. Online Homework Help at Its Best Online academic help is a solution many students use to save their time, their place, and their grades. Life in urban India is marked by wide-ranging disparity. Both cities and rural areas have their pros and cons.

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Village life vs city life.

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Village Better Than City, Essay Sample/Example

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Nieuwenhuys , Olga. Nsamenang , A. The fact that the villages have poor communication systems is actually a challenge to the village folks during times of crisis, because they cannot alert the authorities in time. Moreover, the city has a wide selection of career choices and business opportunities.

This is the main reason why most people are abandoning villages in favor of cities. The city is basically a bubbling hub of commercial activities.

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There is so much more money in circulation in the cities than in the villages, which increases the prospects of prosperity. There are many career opportunities for both skilled and unskilled people.

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Also, the high population in cities is very attractive to businessmen and increases the chances of businesses succeeding. The only viable economic activity with a higher likelihood of succeeding in the villages is farming. However, farming does not work much in their favor since they are just producers. They sell their commodities as raw goods to manufacturers, which does not fetch much in comparison to the big corporations that are raking in billions of dollars from processed foods.

There are also public amenities in the cities.

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The education system in cities are better with more skilled teachers and excellent facilities. Village schools are usually understaffed, because few teachers are willing to take their skills to the villages. There are also many hospitals and medical facilities throughout the cities with different practitioners, such as surgeons, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. Furthermore, the response rate of medical teams during emergencies is faster due to good communication and transport infrastructure. Villages rarely have more than one medical institution and they are usually understaffed with poor healthcare facilities.

There are also banks, shopping centers, telephone, rest rooms, drinking fountains, just to name a few. In addition, there are many entertainment and recreational venues in cities. The city life is always busy with entertainment spots, during the day and at night. Entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, cinemas, coffee shops and fast food restaurants make life more fulfilling and fun.

There also recreational facilities, such as museums, parks and zoos, where people go to relax and enjoy. Aside from the occasional communal meetings, entertainment is almost nonexistent in the villages. There are very few spots of entertainment, which makes life in the villages boring and slow. Another good thing about city life is privacy.

It is quite ironic that the cities are more private than the villages, despite having millions of people living in one geographical region. Also, there is integrations of cultures. Cities are basically metropolitan areas attracting people from all walks of life. As people come together, there is borrowing of cultures, which fosters unity and eradicates any form of biasness and prejudice. Only one group of people resides in the villages at a time, which limits their thinking and ability to accommodate foreign cultures and other worldly views.

One of the things that flourishes in cities as a result of cultural diversity is food. City folks have a wide selection of cuisines to choose from. They may visit hotels and stalls offering whichever food they wish to eat or they may order through phone calls and the meals are delivered to their doorsteps.

Such things do not exist in the villages and the rural folks have to be contented with the few dishes they have. Housing is also better in the city than in the rural. Houses in the city Excluding the ghettos of course have standard designs with good drainage and sewer system.


Though the average city house is smaller in comparison to a village house, the fact remains that they are far more comfortable. City houses have Air Conditioner installed in them to moderate the temperatures inside. Everything is automated- there are dishwashers for the utensils, vacuum cleaners for the floors, laundry machines for clothes, lawn mowers for the lawns, security systems to secure the houses, just to name a few. All these equipment are not present in the average village houses.

In fact, most houses in the rural do not even have bathrooms inside the houses, due to unavailability of drainage and sewer systems. To add on that, cities have state of the art technology that is always up-to-date with the current trends all over the world. Technology makes life far much easier for city dwellers than rural folks. With just a click of the button, city dwellers can get whatever they want.

They may purchase anything online, they may order food using their cell phones or they may get uber by just activating an application in their phones. Poor and outdated technology, coupled with lack on infrastructure is locking out villagers from the prospects of comfortable and easy life.