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The walk to the stage from the classroom was a good five minutes. To accommodate the huge crowd a good part of Bellary used to attend the event , we had to carry our benches from class to the field on the morning of the annual day. Two from the bench to carry it out and the other two to carry it back in. And the whole exercise started from the first classroom near the main door, going anticlockwise round the school. And within the classroom, we knew the order in which to take the benches out. There was no confusion and no chaos whatever while moving nearly benches.

After the function, we would follow the exact reverse order and each bench would be back in its place. The function itself was planned meticulously.

An Analysis of "To Sir, with Love"

The list of prize-winners was known in advance and the order in which they would be called was known. The name of the student and the reason for the prize was written on a label and pasted to the inside cover of the book. Bahadur always selected a student to read the annual report of the school. He would make the student rehearse it a number of times, correct every pronunciation and every pause until he was satisfied.

Even the chief guest for the function was always an old student who rose to a high position. This was a matter of great motivation for us and we would dream that one day even we could rise high in society. We had loud speakers and microphones in every classroom. This would usually be followed by summons to his chamber, and a couple of juicy ones on the knuckles. We loved our headmaster.

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He was impartial and always very encouraging. Good deeds were appreciated, bad ones punished.

But never did he judge or label a student. Students are sent to Greenslade Secondary School due to disciplinary problems. Despite their low socioeconomic status, and lack of basic academic skills, Braithwaite, a black man from British Guyana, sees his students as privileged simply because they are white.

Through the often tempestuous relationship between Braithwaite and his students, issues of racism and class discrimination are exposed. The struggle between teacher and student is a tutorial in critical pedagogy, and take the reader on a journey of internal examination, and individual accountability. The overt message of To Sir with Love is the equal exchange between teacher and student.

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At Greenslade Secondary School, Braithwaite observes that students are encouraged to speak their minds, and are given regular opportunities to discuss what they are being taught. Teachers collaborate with fellow teachers, as well as with students, to decide the format in which lessons are delivered. Lessons are student-centered, and take into consideration the human-world relationship.

Through his first person account, Braithwaite allows readers to follow his evolution from perceiving students as crude, belligerent, and unkempt, to viewing students as unique individuals deserving respect and compassion, resulting in a true paradigm shift. When given the opportunity to demonstrate their humanity, Braithwaite watches his students rise to the occasion in their own time, and in unexpected ways, a message all educators must recognize. From his experience working with students from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds, Braithwaite learns that all students have the potential to be successful when provided a teacher who believes in their ability.

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‘To Sir With Love’ is written by E. R. Racism, values, and relationships are some themes that are explored with the use of Braithwaite’s relationship with his class. When Braithwaite first begins teaching he is faced with racist comments and the uncooperative rudeness of his. Check out our essay example on To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite - Exploring Themes - Racism to start writing!.

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E. R. Braithwaite

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