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It is the natural instinct for adults to look out for children; to shield young people from what grown-ups view as evil in the world. However, this parental guidance can grow into over protection — and in no case more so than the Cape Henlopen Board of Education removing The Miseducation of Cameron Post from the freshman summer reading list. Cameron Post , by emily m. It highlights homophobia and intolerance in Montana, while artfully abstaining from glorifying the protagonists or vilifying the antagonists.

While the Board can be forgiven for balking at some of the content — swearing, teenage sexuality, underage drinking and smoking — the removal of the book from the list was a poor decision.

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During the deciding meetings on the controversy, damning excerpts were read: passages from the book featuring a host of colorful swears and inappropriate content. The novel was made out to be the perfect manual for corrupting teens. In addition: there was, without a shadow of doubt, a religious and personal agenda furthered by those involved in the controversy.

Beliefs were expressed that have no place in public schools; education is not the playing field for personal, political, or religious ideologies. Teenagers do not appreciate our educations being turned into battlegrounds for opposing opinions, especially when we are never consulted or our voices heard.

Why Fahrenheit 451 is supremely relevant to the times we live in

Finally, while adults may be uncomfortable with literature that accurately portrays the formative years of modern youth, teenagers find characters with which we identify. In such literature as Cameron Post , we read ourselves speaking back to us through the pages, telling us how they sorted through the problems we share. In novels such as Cameron Post , dealing with sexual identity, questioning teens see portrayals of people like them — a very encouraging thing for a young, queer teen.

Unfortunately, this content can be offensive to certain groups in our community. These close-minded people leap into action to censor our literature, without realizing that we benefit from reading it, and that they cannot censor the world around us. All that censorship will provide is a lack of relatable literature.

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In conclusion, the removal of The Miseducation of Cameron Post was a mistake. It was a decision that sets us back as community and teaches young people intolerance instead of acceptance. Censorship allows prejudice to flourish instead of diminish. After all, narrowing the world of media for teens will only narrow the world we grow up to create. Despite the fact that no board members had actually read the book, the board figured that seeing the f-word several times when flipping through was enough to know that local librarians who had read the book had bad judgment and that this book was very clearly inappropriate for teenagers to read.

But the point I really want to emphasize to the board is the suicide rates in teens, specifically gay teens.

Essay on Banning Books

The worst part is that some teens buy into the negativity about being gay themselves, and that is when suicide happens. That same night Mark purposely mutilated his genitals and poured bleach over them, nearly killing himself. A novel is not a collaboration of diction and syntax that can be taken out of context and separated from the entirety of the piece.

A novel is a living-breathing thing; it has an identity as original and complex as a human being. This loses the significance of the previous pages — have you forgotten the confused 12 year old girl who was just living life when the reality of the world crashed upon her?

Have you forgotten the pain of being dragged out of a sleepover to address the fact that her family had died? We must bear in mind that this book magnifies another of the paradoxes of our society. That is to say, is a book that talks about censorship and that was censured. It seems that its censorship 6 stems from the explicit sexual material and its pro-communism attitudes comprised in the book.

Book Banning Essay

There are no angels, but only devils. Certainly, these two elements obscenity and pro-communism inclination would be more than enough to bring about censorship if we consider the temporal context in which the book was written. Nevertheless and taking a wider perspective, most of the readers of have found the inclusion of such major themes doubtful or even non-existent. For instance, sexual scenes are rather limited 7 and almost absent in the entire book.

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Surely, the biggest sign of obscenity encompassed in the novel is pictured by Winston and Julia going to bed together. Orwell rather than setting out an obscene atmosphere chiefly exposes in this novel the frustrations and agonies as a result of human sexual privation and how the Party 8 cash in on this repression to enhance a desire of conflict and hatred. Furthermore, on suppressing human natural sexual desires and thus leading to hysteria the state of Oceania controls its militants and projects their [deprived] energy into a wish of war and solid patriotism 9.

The only sexual intercourse 10 allowed by the Party is consummated with the act of marriage. Hence, its purpose is narrowed down to have children that will become helpful members for the Party. On the other hand and with regard to the [imaginary] communist ideas stamped in this novel, Orwell far from preaching such political tenets, he is openly criticizing an authoritarian state Rodden Actually, when more closely observed the godlike leader Big Brother BB onwards becomes a fair representation of Joseph Stalin.

As it will be exposed below, this book rather than supporting authoritarian views foreshadows a possible future.

Books Suppressed or Censored by Legal Authorities

Free Essay: School boards and teachers have a responsibility for protecting the By banning books from the classroom, we prevent our students from learning. Free Essay: Banning Books “It's not just the books under fire now that worry me. It is the books Also, anti-religious works are damaging to the religious beliefs.

Consequently, this is what yields [part of] the real origin of its censorship. These motifs, criticism, mockery and long-running themes constitute the real weight of the book. Moreover, Orwell presents them to the reader in an arduous spatial context 15 the fictional London. Thus firstly, issues like the breakdown of the family are brought into to demonstrate the possible devastation of the sacred bond 16 the family by totalitarian governments.

As far as we are concerned, these practices have been carried out in our society 17 by different governments over and over and especially, during the times of the Second World War. Obviously, the proletariat were only meant to believe whatever they were told since there was no possibility of knowing the truth. In addition, the bringing of an unperson 19 into existence demonstrates the limitless capacity of a totalitarian state to not only modulate and erase historical data 20 both from archives and human minds but also its capacity to input information.

Another major stress in this novel is the exhibition of the flexibility of the human mind. The destruction [and acceptance] of ideas mirrored by the characters of is a challenging example of the malleability of human minds for specific purposes. Consequently, Orwell sets out [and alerts us again] that totalitarian states might achieve this goal and Winston is a raw example of it.

BB restrains and reduces to essentials the use of language with the aim of gaining jurisdiction over human minds. Thus thoughtcrime 22 becomes eventually impossible since there would not be enough words to perform it.

Banning The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

This topic entails vast interest and is therefore used in to make readers realize about the richness of the English language and that we as users of it have to fight tooth and nail to preserve it. On the other hand, writing also is shown as a potential [ambiguous] element to divulge both the truth and produce falsity Nonetheless, writing is also therapeutic as we witness in this novel; it stands for a vehicle that opens the box of our inner feelings and let them flow particularly in a mentally-constrained society.

Additionally, is a vivid representation of the significance of the written language especially in the making of history. That is, as long as written documents exist there will be history Looking back meant suffering, pain, violence and unbearable feelings that nobody wanted to remember Pond Moreover, Winston Smith represents a pure British character baptized with the common British surname Smith. Orwell himself abandoned his anti-war sympathy for one of revolutionary patriotism at that time Newsinger

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