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Reactions Rates – Calcium Carbonate and Acid – Activity

Any special apparatus I intend to use: - A funnel - A syringe maybe - Burette Reliability I intend to improve the accuracy of my results by doing the test three times and finding the average of these.

Safety - Wearing goggles: to stop any acid reaching or splashing in my eyes. I didn't do the last type of concentrations because I knew that they wouldn't be a reaction because water doesn't react with Marble chips. These are the kind of results I expect to approximately get, on the day of the experiment. Before the preliminary test I decided that I would use 5g of marble chips, as it seemed a suitable amount.

The volume of carbon dioxide was chosen before because we did a practice test and I had chosen 10cm cubed and this reacted very quickly, so I decided to use 30cm cubed, as it would take a bit longer. You can see that the highest concentration of acid, which is 50 Cm3, has the fastest rate of reaction. As the concentration of acid decreases then you can quite easily see that the rate, decreases as the concentration decreases. The only way of explaining this trend is by using the Collision theory.

The higher the concentration means more collisions. If the solutions is made more concentrated it means there are more particles of acid colliding with water molecules. The increase of concentration makes the likely hood of two particles colliding higher. If particles are more likely to collide they are more likely to react.

In this case the higher the concentration of acid the higher the chance of the reaction between the marbles chips and the acid. I think Interpretation of figure 3: - From looking at the graph you can see that it follows a similar shape to the others except for the reading for the concentration of acid at 30 Cm3, as I have said earlier I think that this is an anomalous result, because the reading should have been less than what it is, the reading now has the same rate of reaction as the 40 Cm3 of acid which is wrong as 30 Cm3 of acid is of a lower concentration than 40 Cm3, and therefore less chance of collisions.

Interpretation of figure 4: - From looking at the graph you can see trend. You can see that the highest amount of concentration is 50 Cm3, which also has the quickest rate of reaction. The lowest concentration of acid is 10 Cm3, and the rate is very slow on this certain concentration. This again can be explained by the collision theory. The higher the concentration of acid, the quicker the rate of reaction. The collision theory helps explain this because it says that the higher the concentration of acid, the more chance of an acid particle colliding with a marble particle, hence the quick rate of reaction.

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The lower the concentration the less chance of colliding with a marble chip particle, hence the slower rate of reaction. Interpretation of results I think that my results are fairly accurate to my prediction, as I predicted that the higher the concentration the quicker the rate and my results show this.

I also said the lower the concentration the slower the rate, and my results show this aswell. I also predicted that the increase of concentration would quicken the time for the reaction to take place.

Conservation of Mass *BIG PRACTICAL* Calcium Carbonate and

Evaluating evidence Unusual results I am not aware of any anomalous results that occurred during the experiment except for the result for 30 Cm3 concentrated acid, I think it should have been lower as it is a lower concentration than 40 Cm3 yet has the same rate of reaction. I think this has occurred because of the following reason: - - Human error, I probably didn't stop the stopwatch exactly on the 30 Cm3 of Carbon dioxide, or the wrong amount of marble chips added or the wrong amount of acid or water added. However there was only one anomalous result and the rest look good, I think that my results were fairly accurate obviously apart from the anomalous result kind of experiment.

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A sample psychologist office business plan example can show you how to prepare your business plan. Home Sitemap. Rates and rhubarb- Learn Chemistry - the effect of osmosis on potato chips measure the effect of osmosis on potato chips in various concentrations of sugar solution as well as distilled water. Crater impact coursework Critical thinking means making judgments based on quizlet Discussion section qualitative dissertation.