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The supervisor must recognise that the candidate is involved in a process, namely the writing of an extensive piece of legal research of which the candidate has little or no previous experience. If there is no response within a reasonable time the Dissertation Coordinator should be notified. Length of Dissertation The word limit for the dissertation is strictly enforced.

Undergraduate Dissertation Requirements

In presenting their dissertation candidates are required to incorporate a signed statement as to the length of their dissertation main text and substantive footnotes are to be included in word length, while headings, bibliography, case list, list of contents, required declarations etc are excluded. A copy of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation is available from the reserve desk in the Law library.

It is also available on the web at or from Melbourne University Law Review at relatively small cost.

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Pages of the dissertation should be numbered. Presentation The dissertation must be presented in the following format. The dissertation should be printed on A4 paper on one side only. The margin on the right hand side of the page should be approximately 2. The margin on the left hand side of the page should be wider, at least 3cm, to allow for binding. The font size for the main text must be at least 12 pt. The font size for footnotes must be at least 10pt. The main body of the text should be double spaced. For general rules relating to line spacing for quotations follow the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

Footnotes may be single spaced. The dissertation should have incorporated in it a signed statement to the effect that to the best of the candidate's knowledge and belief the dissertation contains no material previously published or written by another person except when due reference is made in the text of the dissertation, together with an acknowledgment of any help given or work carried out by another person or organisation.

There should also be included a signed statement as to the word length of the dissertation see 2 above. Students should submit two 2 printed copies of their Dissertation. One of the two hard copies should be bound comb, plastic, spiral, wire or wire-o bound types are appropriate. Due Date - Dissertations must be submitted by Friday 1 November at 2.

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Please refer to the research focus areas for master's and doctoral studies before applying online for admission to the academic year. Step 2: Once you receive your student number, you must apply online for admission to the academic year some exceptions apply. University for the Creative Arts. Students will meet and communicate to discuss the work with their allocated supervisor. If you are interested in RPL, please contact their office via e-mail at rpl unisa. If you experience problems at the library, please contact the Master's and Doctoral Section ; mandd unisa. Current Site.

Extensions - Submissions to the course coordinator for an extension of time should be based only upon special or unforeseen personal or research circumstances. As the dissertation must be engaged with, researched and written over a period of 12 weeks, significant circumstances will be required for an extension to be granted. Please consider the Policy and make your application by email to the Dissertation Coordinator.

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Dissertations must be submitted by the due date in hard copy to the Law School Office and in electronic form to Turnitin link available on MyUni. Be sure to leave plenty of time to submit electronically, get a receipt and still get your hard copy in by the deadline. The thesis supervisor and an independent examiner will mark the thesis.

Having reached a mark independently, the supervisor and independent examiner will agree a final mark between them. If the supervisor and independent examiner cannot agree on a final mark, a further examiner will be appointed, and a majority position reached. Courses for which a result of conceded pass has been obtained may not be presented towards the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Laws or the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Laws programs, or any postgraduate law program, nor to satisfy prerequisite requirements within any law course.

Finality of Assessment Grades Students are advised that Course Coordinators will not enter into negotiations of any kind with any student regarding changes to their grades.

Assessment results at the University are not scaled. On occasions, the Board of Examiners will form the view that some moderation is required to ensure the comparability of standards and consistency across courses and years, and accordingly provide fairness to all law students. All assessment results are therefore subject to approval and possible change until confirmed by the Board of Examiners and posted on Access Adelaide at the end of each semester.

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The centre offers practical advice and strategies for students to master reading, writing, note-taking, time management, oral presentation skills, referencing techniques and exam preparation for success at university through seminars, workshops and individual consultations. Nokuthula Duma. She thanked her family, friends and supervisor for their support during her studies. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on whatsapp WhatsApp.

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Rethinking the dissertation involves thinking creatively. How can the most important learning outcomes associated with the traditional final year project largely be retained, while giving students a range of other benefits which are more relevant to their interests and future careers? On June 22nd , over colleagues met at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham to discuss these issues. What struck me most was the wide range of views on diversifying the traditional dissertation, the forms it might take and the issues which arise in making such changes.

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These reflected disciplinary differences in what counts as research and inquiry and how knowledge is created and disseminated, but also pinpointed differences in institutional practices and individual viewpoints. However, the large majority of people seemed open to change, but had concerns about how they could persuade their colleagues. Rather than thinking of the dissertation as a homogeneous activity undertaken by all students, one option may be to offer alternatives. For example, in Biosciences at Durham University students are given a choice of whether to undertake a traditional laboratory dissertation, develop a business plan to create a new bioscience enterprise, or carry out a project related to communicating biosciences in a school setting.

In Broadcast Journalism at Gloucestershire, they have a different strategy. In addition to the dissertation, the students undertake a double module in which the students elect their newsroom roles and formulate working rotas to research and produce news bulletins, programmes and a news website for one hour week.

The module thus integrates the development of research and vocational skills in an intensive real-world environment. Other examples demonstrate creative ways of integrating the dissertation with giving students work-based or community-centred experiences. Some dissertation practices reflect institutional strategies.